b10m's sandbox

This is where b10m drops his useless scripts that might be funny, or interesting to some people (probably not many ;-) Mostly, these scripts just demonstrate how to (mis)use some Perl modules.

Don't forget to check out Joffie's sandbox too!

Metal Band Name Generator
Ever noticed that metal bands aren't too creative with their band names? Create random band names with this generator! Maybe just for fun, maybe because you're in a band and need a unoriginal band name too. (Source available).
What's my IP address?
There are many, many, many scripts available that do the same (show your IP address), but so far I've only seen them with HTML, advertising, and other useless stuff. This script is what you need when you want nothing but your IP address. (Source available).
From out of nowhere I felt the urge to switch from blackbox to openbox and missed a tool to convert my menu entries. Since I'm lazy and don't like to do a lot of braindead typing, I created this script. It converts your blackbox menu file to a openbox menu file. (Source available).
World Clock
Since my girlfriend is out of the country for a while, I was plagued by timezone differences. That reminded me of those offices with a couple of clocks on the wall showing the time from different places on this world. Some clocks would be fun to script, but I wanted more and there we go, the World Clock was born. (Source available; and also the source for the clock).
CSS Info
I basically just wanted to check out HTML::TokeParser and CSS information is always fun :) Check regularly, for this script might grow into something useful! Right now, it will take an URL as input and extracts stylesheet information. (Source available).
I needed a spellchecker for a project and decided to put the code (slightly modified) on here too. Cut and paste your text and see the results. (Many thanks to Text::Aspell). Use the Source, Luke!
Make (or lose) Money
A silly script that converts currency a couple of times, to see if you eventually get the same amount again (mostly not). Basically just to test CGI::FormBuilder and the Finance::Currency::Convert::* modules. Like usual: the source is available.
Comment Info
After CSS Info, this little hack was fairly easy and quick to realize. It just shows you all comments used on a website (totally useless, but sometimes funny). So yeah, nothing spectacular, but ok: the source.
Latihan Angka 1
Studying Bahasa Indonesian too, and think you could practice your number translating skills? This is the tool for you :-). It's just a wrapper around Steven Haryanto's Perl module (as you can see in the source).
Latihan Angka 2
Basically a reverse Latihan Angka 1. Now you will see a text written and you'll have to type in the numerals accordingly (a lot harder, for some reason).
Coming "soon"
nothing planned ...